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Holiday Plans

So Christmas is over and we are racing towards the New Year. In the world of college admissions, this marks the end of fall travel and Early Decision seasons and the beginning of the dreaded "reading" months of January-March; where all of those carefully crafted applications are read, re-read, and argued over in committee. For students who have pressed "submit", it is now a waiting game, or for some a time of still more scholarship application essays! For juniors, however, January marks the beginning of the "real" college search process.

Since it is always best to visit college campuses when students are in session, the holiday break (as in right now!) is a great time to make your winter or spring plans. Do you live in a warm climate? Late winter or early spring is a great time to see a campus in the midwest or northeast and see how it looks in the snow (or rain, or mud!) Spring break is a great time for a road trip, and most colleges spring vacations do not coincide with those of secondary schools, so make those plans for March or April and go check out a few different campuses. If you haven't been to many schools, try to look at a range, both in terms of size (small, medium, large) and location (rural, urban, suburban). You may think that you Boston University or DePaul is the perfect school but if you aren't ready for city living, forget it! Don't forget to sign up well in advance for campus tours and information sessions, and remember that many schools do not offer tours during their exam periods, which typically fall in late April.

Wondering what to do on your campus visit? I will cover that in my next blog post! Stay tuned.


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